• Prenatal Yoga Workshop

    Join us in community, support, and celebration of motherhood! In this 2 1/2-Hour Workshop, you will enjoy a 75-minute Prenatal Yoga class, interactive support and care, and we will discuss modifications and options for practicing yoga in pregnancy and post-partum to empower you to really care for your body. Additionally, included in the workshop price are 8 yoga classes that you can use any time within a 4- month period. These classes are anything listed on our regular weekly schedule that we recommend from this Saturday Workshop.

    We will provide detailed schedule recommendations for which classes are best for pregnancy and postpartum and why (there are quite a few good choices, so don’t worry, you will be able to fit at least one a week into your schedule).

    Cost: $99

    Saturdays 12-2:30 with Dates Offered in 2019

    1. January 19th
    2. March 16th
    3. June 15th
    4. September 21st
    5. November 9th

    We recommend repeating the workshop whenever you can throughout your Pregnancy and Postpartum period (Yes! You can bring your newborn, if you like!). Why? To stay in touch with your friends, for support, and important reminders. AND, of course, to enjoy a class to devoted entirely to Pregnancy and new Moms!

  • Jaya Teacher Training RYT200
    Welcome to Jaya! cur inspiration is to share Yoga in ways that are meaningful to you energetically and spiritually. Flow Yoga is also uniquely grounded in preventing yoga injuries so that you can continue your practice for the rest of your life - we approach yoga not from what’s trendy, but from what’s sacred, sustainable, and revolutionary. 
    If you have yet to read more about our RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training we encourage you to review our website for more details on our Program, the Instructors, and our Training Calendar. 200 hour teacher training program is offered in 3 parts: 3-Day Foundations, Part 1, & Part 2. You may take space between these trainings, but they must be taken consecutively.
    1. Part 1 Weekend Intensive Option: 
    1. 3 Day Foundations: Feb 15-17th
    2. Sustainable Hatha Practices: March 8-10
    3. Apr 12-14
    4. May 17-19

      OR (Please choose between weekend intensives and 2 week intensive options

    Part I: 2 Week Intensive Option: Aug 3-16th ** Includes 3 Day Foundations & Sustainable Hatha Practices Workshops


    2. Part II  2 Week Intensive: Nov 2-15 
    For Training Hours and a Sample Schedule, please review our Website. 


    Cost of Full Training: $2,685 (or 1,342.50 for Part I & II). Includes all the workshops & classes for RYT200 & SAYF Certification Exam. Payment Plans available.

    $485 Non-Refundable Deposit reserves your space --- Refund Policy: For cancellations 90 days prior, you can receive a Flow Yoga credit for all monies paid except the $485 non-refundable deposit.


    Email our Events & Training Manager or Stephanie Adams for more information. 

  • Relational Neuroscience, Yoga & Deep Breathing
    with Barbu Panaitescu

    Relational Neuroscience, Yoga and Deep Breathing

    -Transforming our Inner Voices and Building Resiliency-

    With Barbu Panaitescu, 700-RYT, RCST

    Do you have self- or other- critical inner voice that wakes you up at 3 am, or seems to ramble on and on throughout the day no matter what you do? Join Barbu for a look at the relationship between our instrumental brain (left hemisphere) and relational brain (right), and how the voice(s) we hear speaking to us are a mixture of the two. 

    We'll explore the ways that our yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices can help us to transform the ways we talk to ourselves, and bring us more into connection, appreciation and empowered engagement with our world and community.

    We'll move through an asana practice, some guided relaxation and meditation, have time for sharing/Q & A, and receive a handout with some simple tips that we can practice anytime. Appropriate for all ages, backgrounds, orientations and abilities. Beginners welcome!

    Sunday, January 20th, 1-4pm, $40

  • Music, Magnificence, & Yoga
    with Stephanie Adams

    Stephanie Adams & Steve Gold at Breitenbush Hot Springs

    March 3-5th, 2019

    Early Spring is the perfect time to retreat into discovering the prana/vital energy that you inherently are, through vinyasa yoga, sacred chanting, and inspired song and community! Steve and Stephanie will guide you into the wonder of truly feeling and experiencing movement, breath, sound, music and song as the fullest expression of the love, energy, and vibration that you are. Inspiring live music yoga classes, a community concert, and Steve Gold’s “Voice of Magnificence” workshop are all included.

    Stephanie Adams, ERYT 500, inspired yogi and teacher trainer for 20 years. She is the Creator of Flow Yoga Community Studio and Jaya Yoga Tribe Teacher Training.

    Steve Gold is a globally recognized yogi/musician whose powerfully positive music heals and inspires. Steve leads uplifting workshops and concerts at festivals and studios and is a favorite performer at events with Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and Shiva Rea. www.stevegoldmusic.com

    BEGINS: Sunday dinner

    ENDS: Tuesday lunch


    TO REGISTER: Contact Breitenbush directly to register 503.854.3320


    COST: $190 ($170 early bird) plus Breitenbush Lodging


    Breitenbush is a beautiful retreat center and Hot Springs located in a wilderness area outside of Detroit Oregon. You can find more information and pictures on their website.

    Breitenbush Resort Lodging Rates are per adult, for 2 nights, double or triple occupancy. BB requires us to take your lodging reservations and payment. Prices include delicious vegetarian, mostly organic meals.

    *Please Note that all registration for both lodging and workshop will be through Breitenbush: 503.854.3320



  • Teaching Trauma-Informed Yoga & Mindfulness
    with Stephanie Adams

    This workshop is designed for movement teachers but could benefit anyone working with people. We will learn more about how past traumas affect our current experience and how healing yoga and mindfulness practices can be especially when guided by someone who understands the long-term effects of trauma. In this workshop you will learn simple, evidence-supported, and effective yoga and mindfulness tools for creating resiliency. 

    Friday, March 15th, 5-9pm, $59

  • Restorative Yoga Teacher Training
    with Lora Munn

    Restorative yoga offers us the opportunity to slow down, turn inward, and rest deeply so that we can access our own innate ability to heal our bodies, our hearts and our minds. In restorative yoga, we give ourselves ample time to unfold physically, mentally and emotionally so that we create the conditions for relaxation and healing to occur. In this workshop we will explore completely supported yoga postures for introversion and stillness. These postures are wonderful for quieting the brain, decreasing anxiety, boosting the immune system and balancing our hormones. You will learn techniques to soothe an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system including breathwork, visualizations/imagery, propping, supportive touch and more.  In this hands-on, experiential training you will learn the art and skill of teaching restorative yoga from the most gross layers to the more subtle layers. This training will cover everything you need to confidently lead a peaceful and balanced restorative class, or to cultivate your own deeply nourishing restorative home-practice.
    This training will include discussion, practices and Q & A. This workshop is not only for teachers, but is also appropriate for those students desiring to learn more about Restorative yoga.

    Saturday, March 16th, 11:30am-7:30pm, $109

  • Yoga Nidra Training
    with Lora Munn

    Yoga Nidra, or “psychic sleep” is a guided meditation that systematically relaxes the body and mind, and guides the practitioner in to deep self awareness. It has been gaining popularity in the west as a means to remove the deep rooted tensions and stresses stored in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.These benefits, including increased self-awareness, helps us to remain present and calm amidst the chaos of our daily lives. In this guided journey, we discover a profound level of openness. Our self-imposed limitations dissolve, and we are able to bloom.
    This afternoon will include discussion, practices and Q & A. This workshop is not only for teachers, but is also appropriate for those students desiring to learn more about the healing power of Yoga Nidra. During our time together, we will share an in-depth exploration of Yoga Nidra:
    • Introduction to Yoga Nidra - Its purpose and importance
    • Components of Yoga Nidra
    • How to connect to authenticity, divine inspiration, and your students
    • Role of voice in guiding Yoga Nidra and learning cadence, rhythm, tone and volume • Role of imagery and visualization
    • Benefits of Yoga Nidra
    • Practical hints for guiding in Yoga Nidra
    • Setting up yourself or your students comfortably, and learning modifications for unique body types and circumstances
    • Practices to enhance the Yoga Nidra journey
    • Importance of sankalpa and how to discover and implement the sankalpa in Yoga Nidra

    Sunday, March 17th, 11am-5pm, $79

  • Sabina Italy Yoga Retreat & Training Intensive (RYT500)
    with Stephanie Adams

    Retreat with us in Italy! Delight your senses while creating a beautiful opportunity for spending time with awe-inspiring nature, self awareness, and in Yoga. Yoga including satsang/meditation practices are offered twice each day. This intensive includes delicious and healthy Italian meals created for us by a talented personal chef (except one enchanting dinner out together in the nearby medieval hilltop village of Casperia).

    Spending 7 days in meditation and yoga while sharing meals and sacred time together can be profound and life-changing. Free and group time can be spent relaxing in the beauty of the Italian countryside, exploring the medieval & historic village of Casperia, walking/hiking, visiting hot sulphur springs, or reading at the pool.

    See More about the Retreat location: www.insabina.com

    Cost: $1620 with a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your space. + $270 if taking the Teacher Training Intensive. 

    Price includes a shared room (2 people shared bathroom, 3 people with a private bathroom, or a single yurt). Please contact us to specify your lodging preference, it is first come first serve on an availability basis. 

    Includes lodging, meals (expect 1 dinner out), yoga satsang, meditation, and more. Does not include airfare and airport shuttle but we will help to coordinate in groups to save.  

    FOR INFO OR QUESTIONS email: FlowEventsManager@gmail.com