• Your Body 101: Human Movement Mechanics
    with Stephanie Adams

    Your Body 101: Human Movement Mechanics Training 

    Friday, November 1st 6-9 pm $49

    By the age of 30, 30% of adults have an orthopedic injury they may not even be aware of. The percentages rise as we age. This doesn’t need to happen. This is a great workshop for anyone wanting a good introduction to how to reduce the likelihood of orthopedic injury while exercising. We will learn simple, yet important, concepts such as load, range of motion, compensation, progression, and how to vary load using external & internal support. This workshop is appropriate for anyone with a human body, including but not limited to: yoga teachers, personal trainers, fitness professionals, therapists, bodyworkers, chiropractors, and more!


    Stephanie is a yoga teacher and also a movement educator. She loves teaching about the human body - she has been an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer for 20 years, ERYT 500 Yoga Teacher, Director of Training for Jaya Yoga Registered Yoga School, ACE-Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, SAYF online training founder, and holds a bunch of other movement-related certifications and achievements.


  • Sustainable Vinyasa Yoga Workshop - Fall 2019
    with Stephanie Adams

    This workshop is offered as part of our Fall Part 2 Jaya Yoga TT or as an individual workshop.  

    When we align with the sacred energy flow of the body we tap into our pranic vitality and return to the natural alignment that is our true nature. In our time together, we will learn and practice simple principles of alignment in fundamental Vinyasa poses based on essentials of hatha yoga biomechanics.

    This training will give you options to refine your practice and teachings to become even more sustainable regardless of your lineage or dedicated asana style. These functional fundamentals can help to prevent yoga injury especially in areas most prone to injury in modern active yoga styles: the wrist, lumbar and cervical spine, and hips/knees! Sustainable Yogasana creates a good understanding, body awareness, and integration between yoga therapeutics and more active styles of yoga.

    Date: Nov 2, 2019

    Time: 9:45am-2:45pm

    Cost: $69


  • Jaya Teacher Training- Part II Intensive
    with Stephanie Adams

    Welcome to Jaya! Our inspiration is to share Yoga in ways that are meaningful to you energetically and spiritually. Flow Yoga is also uniquely grounded in preventing yoga injuries so that you can continue your practice for the rest of your life - we approach yoga not from what’s trendy, but from what’s sacred, sustainable, and revolutionary. 
    If you have yet to read more about our RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training we encourage you to review our website for more details on our Program, the Instructors, and our Training Calendar. The 200 hour teacher training program is offered in 2 parts: Part 1 & Part 2. You may take space between these trainings, but they must be taken consecutively.

    Part II  2 Week Intensive: Nov 2-15 
    For Training Hours and a Sample Schedule, please review our Website.  (Book Separately) 
    Cost of Full Training: $2,685 ($1,342.50 for each Part). Includes all the workshops & classes for RYT200 & SAYF Certification Exam.
    Payment Plans available.
    Email our Events & Training Manager or Stephanie Adams for more information. 

  • Yoga for Every Stage & Age
    with Stephanie Adams

    This workshop is offered as part of our Fall Part 2 Jaya Yoga TT or as an individual workshop.  

    There is so much great information out there about teaching to different ages and stages of life. Stephanie has taken the vast amount of options and information available for modifying the traditional practices for specialty populations into the most practical and powerful. Learn the most important considerations for modifying classes for pregnancy, seniors, obesity, and fun, playful formats for teaching to kids.

    This is a training for every body and will include adaptive options for stress reduction for optimal health for every age and stage. Training is 9 contact hours - 5 non-contact hours.

    Date:Nov 9, 2019

    Time: 9:45am -7:45pm

    Cost: $169

  • Creating Connection Through Touch
    with Stephanie Adams

    Yoga is a gift. We can create connection and community in many ways. One natural way we express connection is through touch and physical support. This 5 hour teacher training workshop will focus on assisting and adjusting asana to both connect and to guide. Healing through touch by bringing aligned balance to our students' bodies.

    This workshop is offered as part of our Fall Part 2 Jaya Yoga TT or as an individual workshop.  

    Date: Nov 10, 2019

    Time: 1:00pm-6:00pm

    Cost: $119