Hot Power Flow
1 hour with Angela Logan
Hot Power—Hot Power is an advanced dynamic class that combines the detoxifying properties of the heat with the moving challenge of Vinyasa. This class is energizing, fun and suitable for those who have some established experience with Flow classes first to know how to modify for your body. 1 Hour Please note: This is the only format on our schedule that is NOT focused on sustainability/reducing yoga injury. Higher Risk Postures.
8:00 AM
Alignment Yoga and help with injuries
1 hour and 15 minutes with Laurie Van Cott
This class is taught by Laurie Van Cott, physical therapist, and is recommended for all levels (athletes to injuries). Focuses on anatomical alignment, healing, and cross training that includes developing functional strength and flexibility for muscle balance. Often begins with sun salutations, includes choices of kriyas and other plyometric options for the cardio portion of the class. Elements of viniyoga and kundalini such as moving arms and legs with breath in poses (as options) vs long static holds.
Restorative Nidra
1 hour and 15 minutes with Nikol Angel
This class provides an opportunity for deep relaxation, inner watching and listening. We begin with a meditative breath and a guided body scan meditation to relax and soothe the nervous system.This is combined with deeply restorative poses where we will explore sound healing and poetry. This class is taught from a trauma informed lens and is 75 minutes long. No yoga or meditation experience required.
1 hour with Stephanie Adams
Flow—Our signature style. A flowing vinyasa-style yoga class that often includes vinyasa, kriya and asana proven to improve strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility. Most importantly, we teach yoga, not just asana, by including guidance into presence and awareness. This class is appropriate for intermediate levels. You will be given options in each pose so that you feel challenged, yet successful.
Qi Flow
1 hour and 15 minutes with Morai Helfen
Qi Flow blends traditional yoga asana, kriya, and vinyasa flow with tai qi exercises. Expect an hour of intentional, meaningful movements designed to ignite and guide our qi, or prana, with emphasis on breath and compassionate awareness. All body types, shapes, and fitness levels welcome.