1 hour with Jen Wilson
A fun and inspiring class where we tap into our active energy through music and movement while group training on a spin bike! Great Cardio workout and the ultimate workout when paired with Strength classes. Cycle classes at Flow are both inspired by the energy of the group, and focused on getting you stronger, leaner and more effective on your bike and in life. Flow Cycle emphasizes inspired intensity and mindful awareness. We teach you to really understand, feel, and embody different intensity levels and training methods [an outside brain (computer) can be helpful at times, but advanced awareness inspires ideal intensity].
8:00 AM
Alignment Yoga and help with injuries
1 hour and 15 minutes with Laurie Van Cott
This class is taught by Laurie Van Cott, physical therapist, and focuses on anatomical alignment, healing, and cross training that includes developing functional strength and flexibility for muscle balance through long holds.
10:30 AM
Yoga for 50+
1 hour and 15 minutes with Avery Chapman
Think you have to be young, healthy, fit or flexible to practice yoga? Think again. If you have yearned to try yoga but have been discouraged because you think you are too old, your body type is wrong, you are suffering from chronic health issues, or are working with an injury, this class was designed with you in mind. This class emphasizes asana, as well as breathing practices, pranayama, and meditation. The health benefits of hatha yoga are profound and the vital energy you will feel is amazing.
12:00 PM
V2 - Vital Vinyasa
1 hour with Stephanie Adams
Join us for one-hour and experience yourself as vitality - the state of being strong and active. Vitality is the power giving energy of life present in all living things. In a V2 session you will experience yourself as lively, energetic, and stronger than you thought you were. Your essential vitality will be revived. We begin with primal dynamic flowing movement as warm-up and conditioning for all of your joints to return to their natural balanced strength and mobility. Once the body-mind is awakened, we then incorporate weighted clubs (clubbells) to allow strength to be both conditioning and part of a vinyasa flow. This method is built from yogasana, Indian club swinging, and natural human movement, AND grounded in exercise science (not just a trend appealing to insecurities and selling false promises). We teach these dynamic flows with progressions and options to allow the body to become strong and balanced at its own pace (less likely to experience injury this way). YOU get to choose your intensity with guidance that keeps vitality flowing. * This class does fill up at 15 students due to space and equipment limitations. To insure your spot you may consider confirming online ahead of time.
Hot Power Flow
1 hour with Angela Logan
Hot Power—Hot Power is an advanced dynamic class that combines the detoxifying properties of the heat with the moving challenge of Vinyasa. This class is energizing, fun and suitable for those who have some established experience with Flow classes first to know how to modify for your body. 1 Hour Please note: This is the only format on our schedule that is NOT focused on sustainability/reducing yoga injury. Higher Risk Postures.