• Stephanie Adams

    Stephanie is a yoga teacher, first. And a movement educator, second. Sharing the awareness, acceptance and transformation the practice of yoga brings to our lives is what truly inspires her to teach. She has seen in others, and experienced herself, that regular practice inspires one to greater peace, authenticity, connection, and joy. Stephanie serves and leads the Flow community as an owner, teacher, and teacher trainer at both studios. 
    Stephanie has been practicing yoga since 1994 and training teachers since 2000. Some of her credentials include: 500 hour ERYT, YACEP, Certified Personal Trainer, Bodymind Academy Fitness & Nutrition Consultant, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, SAYF-Certified, and CETI Cancer Exercise Specialist. 

  • Adi Vajra

    From a young age, Adi (born Paul Marino) felt that Love was more important than anything else. Unknowingly, this subtle knowing led him to seek to understand God. As a teenager, Adi developed a fascination with shamanism and ‘expanding consciousness’. Years later, in 2003, Adi had an awakening to the essential nature of Self which profoundly transformed everything that he had thought was real. After working intensely with a Navajo medicine man and studying the mystical traditions of the world, Adi left for India in search of a fully enlightened Master. After a rigorous search he stumbled upon Sri Ramana Maharshi, where the search ended. Ramana's invitation was to discover the Self, which is always one's natural state of being. He gave us the beautiful gift of self-inquiry in order to find out "Who Am I, Really". Later meeting and working with awakened Masters, including Gangaji, Adyashanti, and Elle Collier Re, Adi began teaching and pointing others to the living Truth that is one's own nature. Adi brings a simple and direct style that doesn't waste time with non-essentials. He draws on the wisdom traditions of Christianity, Advaita Vedanta, Zen, Tantric Buddhism, and Yoga in his teachings. The challenge here is to dive deep into yourself in order to find out what's really, really True. These teachings are meant for those who are no longer interested in attaining anything special, but who are interested in the truth that is available always in the yearning of the Heart.

  • Nicole Ryan

    Nicole Ryan-RYT 200 (2020), Herbalist. Nicole grew up breathing the country air, jumping fences, swimming in creeks and corralling the ever-present animals on her parents' property- this is where she first learned to love not onlythe outdoors and nature that led to her career in Herbalism at Herbal Revival Apothecary Company (Degree: Dominion Herbal College) but also her love and enjoyment for movement. Growing up playing volleyball intensified her passion for fitness, learning from a young age about weight lifting routines, cardiovascular fitness and overall health and strength. Nicole continued her pat exploring: Zumba, Dance, Hiking, Weight Lifting/Cross Training/Competitive Running (3 Marathons and countless 10k and 5k Races), Tabata/HITT, Hot Yoga, Barre and Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. Nicole has trained as a personal trainer and completes her Flow/Jaya Yoga RYT 200 and SAYF-Certification. Her love of fitness, health, community, and overall wellness brought her to Flow Yoga Barre & Fitness.

  • April Streeter

    April Streeter began yoga in 2000, and it was a humbling beginning. She was so stressed out she couldn't take a deep belly breath. Her first class felt like a fiasco - she fell straight onto her nose trying to do Bakasana (crow pose). She decided to become a yoga teacher in 2005, because she believed that yoga is for every body, not just the lovely limber bendy ones. April feels grateful to have studied with Beryl Bender Birch and Gary Kraftsow as well as Synne Håkanlind and Christa Grimm. One thing you might not guess about April: she did her first yoga teacher training in Swedish!

  • Lia Davidson

    Lia Davidson fell in love with yoga in the Fall of 2000. She has been practicing Yoga ever since. She also started doing Barre and became a Barre Certified Teacher in September 2018. She enjoys life in the Gorge with her husband of 20+ years and their two children. When she is not at the studio practicing Yoga or Barre, you can find her on the river sailing a dinghy, hiking with friends, skiing, or in the backyard doing Aerial Yoga. With Guidance from her Teachers, Stephanie Adams and Adi Vajra, Lia completed her RYT200 with Jaya Yoga at Flow Studio in November 2019.

  • Hillary Luecht Carratt

    Hillary finished her RYT 200 with the Jaya Yoga Teacher Training Program as a student of Stephanie and Adi. Hillary began yoga for the same reasons that many new students do: as a way to work out, stretch, and relax. But - as yoga does for many people - her practice quickly blossomed into so much more than solely a physical practice. Yoga has given Hillary the freedom to open up and surrender to this Life. Her experience is that regular practice will take you on a path to deep-rooted clarity, inner peace, and love. Hillary feels blessed and humbled to experience the gift of Yoga, and in turn hopes to make some of those benefits and experiences available to her students and this community. Om.

  • Morai Helfen

    Morai, RYT200, has been enamored with the study and practice of yoga for over 20 years. She enjoys blending elements of Tai Qi, vinyasa flow, asana, and kriya, making her style a playful spin of meaningful movements guided by breath and a lite heart. She believes that by inviting in softness, humility, and humor we are able to tap into the wellspring of joy just waiting for all of us in every yoga practice.

  • Shilo Nelson

    Shilo is a professor and Department Chair of Kinesiology at a Southern California community college in Los Angeles. She has been in the fitness industry since the mid-90s as a nationally certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and yoga instructor. Along with leading others in their yoga practice, she teaches cardio kickboxing, group cycling, strength and conditioning formats, and boot-camp. Shilo is a 500-RYT with YogaWorks and registered with Yoga Alliance. She also received her 80-hour Yoga Pre/Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Family Health and is qualified to instruct pre/post-natal classes.

    Important aspects in Shilo’s life that keep her grounded and motivated are her commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle, a meditative practice, and of course her personal yoga practice. 

  • Alli Pareti

    Alli first discovered the beauty and spirit of Hood River through kiteboarding, but was soon led to the presence and community of Flow Yoga. Seeking to resonate with a deeper understanding of what yoga is, and bear whiteness to ways the experience of mind body connection could enrich daily life, she completed the Jaya Teacher Training Program in 2014. After teaching in Solvang, California, Alli returned to Hood River to continue her education and training with Flow.

  • Matt Eby

    He became a Personal trainer in 1994 when he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Western Washington University.

    He has been involved in sports from a young age. He played a wide variety of sports beginning in grade school and continuing on through college, with baseball and basketball. After college, he continued with his love of sports and completed 2 duathlons, 7 triathlons and raced dirt bikes at the amateur level. He has coached many youth teams: soccer, softball, baseball, football and basketball. He was also a snowboard instructor for 2 seasons at Mt. Hood Meadows. 

    Early on, he was able to see how being active and being involved in a healthy lifestyle not only improved his health, but also improved his overall quality of life. In his professional career, he is very passionate about passing that message on to his clients.

    He has taught weight management, cycling and fitness classes at NW sports clubs, as well as, being an Exercise Specialist in both Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab programs through MCMC..

    He has a Master’s Degree in Recreation and Sport Science, he is a level II Reiki practitioner, an AHA certified CPR instructor, and has 25 years of personal training experience.

    His training philosophy is simple: train the whole person:  physical, mental and spiritual.

  • Hannah Mapes

    Hannah originates from the small town of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Her passion for health derives from her love of surfing, volleyball and dance. She began her fitness career in 2011 leading group exercise classes while teaching english in Southern Europe. Her pursuit to learn more about exercise science lead Hannah to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in 2014. She enjoys working with all ages and levels! As a group fitness instructor she loves to mix it up and offer variety! Her favorite classes are Barre, HIIT Training, Restorative Stretch, Cardio Core, and Zumba Kids. Hannah also enjoys leading wellness programs and integrative-nutrition workshops. Her passion is people and her goal is to motivate and make movement a fun, safe and rewarding experience.

  • Angela Logan

    Angela teaches with inspiring positive energy and enthusiasm. She completed her 320 hr Yoga Teacher Training in Asia. Angela leads a powerful class that moves on the breath and includes fitness-inspired conditioning. She uses more traditional yoga alignment cues with less options and modifications. You can expect to sweat while challenging your strength, balance, and flexibility in her Baptiste-inspired Flow. 100 hr Baptiste Trained, as well.

  • Sybil Nance

    Sybil moved to Portland from Canada in 1994 and yoga found her pretty soon after that. In 2003, Sybil moved to the Gorge and partnered with Stephanie and Travis to create Flow. She taught at flow for 10years until she moved to North Carolina. Sybil trained in Yoga Therapy and created a small boutique home based studio seeing private clients. She is trained in trauma informed yoga and Rhythmic Movement Training a movement based, primitive reflex integration therapy. Sybil now lives in Mobile Alabama and teaches in yoga studios again and offering a simple blend of therapeutics, Rhythmic movements and classic Yoga Asana.
    Her classes have a simple formula: pay attention, have fun, move with awareness, keep it simple and breathe.

  • Katie Middel

    Katie is a 200 RYT who specializes in teaching Power Yoga. While attending university at CSU in Fort Collins, she doubled up on her studies to attain her Power Yoga certification from Corepower Yoga. Since 2017, Katie has taught yoga from a ship sailing around the world, to studios in CO and OR, and even teaches her office co-workers twice a week. Her classes are up-beat, vinyasa-based, and synched to her music playlist. Her philosophy is: Yoga isn't about flexibility or strength, it's about showing up and being there for yourself --even if you restore in child's pose the entire class. Katie is a SAYF-Certified Yoga Teacher.

  • Lora Munn

    Lora Munn, ERYT 200, is a local teacher known for her deep devotion to the healing practices of yoga and for her ability to weave ancient, heart-centered philosophy into practices for the modern yoga practitioner.

    Lora’s passion as a yoga teacher and healer is fulfilled by her creative offerings ranging from the dynamic and challenging aspects of vinyasa, to the deeply meditative aspects of restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra. Each class is a humble offering, a chance to relinquish the habits and histories that bind us all, and a chance to recognize that each moment is an opportunity to create a bright new story.

    “People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive… so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.” ~Joseph Campbell

  • Chelsey Moss

    Chelsey recieved her RYT 200 in the summer of 2012 in Hood River Oregon with her teachers Pushti (Stephanie Adams Ruff) and Adi Vajra. Their guidance provided a keen understanding of yoga sutras and principles, asana, anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, prana, meditation, mantra, mudra, mandala, and Ayurveda.

    Chelsey's deep devotion to her practice led her to study Tantra Yoga at Shri Kali Ashram on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, focusing on Tantra Meditation, pranayama, bandhas, mudras, Ayurvedic massage, mantra, chakras, Kundalini and puja with Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha, with whom she is completing her RYT 500.

  • Emily Runnels

    Emily found yoga serendipitously at the age of 13 - unaware of the powerful effects it would have on her mind and body for the next several years. As an adult, Emily has felt an unparalleled draw towards her regular pranayama and asana practice. Following her desire for something deeper, she finished her RYT 200 through the Jaya TT program under Stephanie and Adi in 2017. Yoga has helped her find mental clarity, self love, and a recognition of our connection to everything.